Byard 3000API Spiral Pipe Mill

The Byard 3000API Spiral Mill is the very latest generation of Spiral Pipe Mill from Byard. This mill was first designed and built in 2008 for Tyco Water, one of the leading spiral pipe makers in the world. It is capable of manufacturing a very wide range of high quality pipe to API 5 L standards as well as other high end specifications.


Since then we have improved and refined the Byard 3000API through several installations with some of the world's leading pipe manufacturing companies. As we build each mill our design and operations team strive to improve capacity, pipe quality and performance. We always utilise the very latest welding, laser guidance and machine control technology.


Our Byard 3000API Mill features the latest proprietary components from our Partners such as Siemens Flender; Meta Vision; Allen Bradley; Lincoln Electric, Parker, Korloy, Hypertherm and Weld Engineering. Part of our design philosophy is to use high quality proprietary solutions where possible.


You can view our latest Byard 3000API Spiral Mill Specification below.


The Byard 3000API Mill is designed to be as robust and easy to operate as possible and is capable of manufacturing a wide range of spiral pipe from just 400mm through 4,000mm. It takes just 3-4 people to operate and has an annual capacity of up to 110,000MT per annum.


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